How to Solve a Wordwalk Puzzle

Step 1

Look at the puzzle below! (It's just a screen capture of a puzzle.)
The ovals will be filled with consonants. The diamonds will be filled with vowels.
There is a hidden word called the Rootword that uses all of the shapes, whether ovals or diamonds.
The first letter of the rootword is given.

The goal is to find the rootword in the least amount of time!

Step 2

Look to the subwords for hints as to which letters are involved. The list of subwords is to the left of the puzzle.
These words are given in order from shortest to longest. The shorter the word, the easier it is to find in the puzzle.
Let's work on the shortest subwords first. There are two vowels in this puzzle.
The one on the lower right must be the 'O' because it has an arrow leaving it and going into the 'H'.
So, when we click on that diamond, we see that it is indeed an 'O'. Then, when we click on the 'H', we will complete the subword 'OH'.

Step 3

Each letter's node changes its color to yellow while you are correctly guessing letters in one of the remaining subwords.
Then, when the subword is fully spelled out, all of its nodes are colored light green, and that particular subword is crossed off the list.
Then continue looking for subwords.

Step 4

Here we've completed the subword 'OK'.

Step 5

Here we've completed the subword 'HE'.

Step 6

Now we've jumped ahead to where we have completed all of the subwords.
It is now time to guess the rootword. And this is not hard!
Just look at the unused arrows to give you a clue as to which sequences of letters have not been used yet.
We know there must be "OC", "CK", and "KE" bigrams (double letter patterns) in this rootword, because the corresponding arrows have not yet been used. Since, the first letter "H" has been given, a good guess would be "H", "O", "C","K", "E", "Y".

Step 7

Once we've guessed the rootword, 'HOCKEY' in this case, we are finished!
We will get some points for finishing the puzzle and we'll see the time it took to solve it.
But that's now shown here.

Step 8
Try it yourself here: The Live Puzzle!