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Welcome to the Wordwalk / Spaghetti Speller site!

This site is currently under construction but open to anyone who wishes to try it out and help us by providing feedback to us on what works and what does not.

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Note: The Wordwalk has been filed with US Patent and Trademark Office: Here's the Filing Receipt, and the word "Wordwalk" is a registed trademark.

Wordwalk makes use of Princeton University's WordNet® in accordance with their license. WordNet® is a registered trademark of Princeton University.
Citation: Princeton University "About WordNet." WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.


  • Mission Statement: To enable a community of puzzle players and builders interrested in building their word mastery and logic skills.
  • History: This site will be the successor to the legacy site which is now deprecaed.
  • Team Members: Beta testers: Christopher Carroll, Ozzie Stone, Charlotte Jackson
  • Contact Information: Email: musicarroll@gmail.com
  • Values and Principles: TBD
  • FAQs: 1. Will my scores and puzzles still be available to me when the site emerges from Beta? Answer: Yes!
  • Acknowledgments: Pete Tormey, Esq. who successfully filed the Wordwalk patent and trademark in 2022.
  • Updates and News: Latest News
  • Social Media Links: TBD
  • Statistics or Achievements: TBD

Current year: 2024